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Fuhrman and fruit
dtms1 posted:
There was some discussion on the group about the difference between McDougall and Fuhrman with regards to fruit. One gets the impression that fuhrman recommends more fruit than McDougall. However on his site "Disease Proof", in a discussion about diabetes, he says that those with diabetes should limit fruit and stick to low sugar fruits. He doesn't say why but I assume it is because of the sugar in fruit or maybe because it is supposed to raise triglycerides. I have diabetes, am not on drugs and have at least one piece of fruit, including bananas, with each of four meals. Sometimes more than one with a meal and sometimes a piece of fruit between meals. I do not seem to have any glucose problems because of this. Pritikin also recommended cutting back on fruit because of triglycerides.

xring responded:
In Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live" he recommends 3-5 fresh, raw, unpeeled fruits/day for diabetics. That's about how much fruit I have & it doesn't spike my sugar either. In fact, because of my sweet tooth, I sometimes overeat fruit & it still doesn't spike my sugar, (except for bananas.) When I have bananas, it does give me higher readings - not really bad, just 20-30 pts. higher than the same serving of apples, etc.
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