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AttyWSW posted:
First I have to say how much I really appreciate the posts here, especially E. G. and DMW! They have been very helpful to me.

E.G. you have said you eat uncooked oatmeal. I always thought it HAD to be cooked. Tried it your way and am hooked. Use a little almond or soy milk and raisins or bananas or walnuts. Very filling.

My question: Is oatmeal allowed or advocated in ETL? What are the benefits of not cooking it? Is it better to use the steel cut oats or are regular rolled oats acceptable? Thanks to all!
EngineerGuy responded:
Hi AttyWSW,

Thanks very much for the kind words. All of make the board together.

Steel cut Oats are great, and the regular are great too. Oatmeal is the only whole grain that I eat almost every day. Try one variation: Make the oatmeal (uncooked) the night before, and let it sit in the refrigerator all night. It tastes a little different.

Fuhrman does not say not to eat whole grains. Most people on Fuhrman eat some whole grains every day. Whole grains take a back seat to beans, starchy vegetables (peas, squash, corn), nuts and seeds, as major calorie sources. On Pritikin, I got most of my calories from brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, whole grain sourdough bread, and I did not emphasize veggies. Now oatmeal is the only whole grain I eat on a consistent basis. Quinoa, basmati rice are also excellent whole grains. Lots of Fuhrman recipes use whole grains. Don't think you have to try to skip whole grains entirely. That's not necessary. (Some people have to skip whole grains, for weight loss.) Hope that helps.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DeadManWalking57 responded:

Yes, thank you for the kind words. And as EG stated, all the contributors make a difference.

I'm not much of a regular poster on this forum, all the more surprise at your kudos. I write more on other forums in WebMD.

I'm also a daily oatmeal person.

A friend at work I nickname the "raisin police" thinks I should not overfill my cafeteria bowl between the oatmeal and two big scoops of dark raisins I add, then then the top never fits. I have that with two egg whites and tomatoes all work days.

Weekends, my wife makes me double the amount of oatmeal, and add raisins and dried blueberries. We use "Coaches' Oats " brand, from Costco. Its what she prefers.

My diet has to be good. No major angina, no pinpoint angina either in a couple years.


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