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DoloresTeresa posted:
I was just reading doctor Fuhrman's website. He said that vegans, vegetarians, nutritarians etc. should take vitamins B12, D and DHA. I think it is better to eat a couple of ounces of canned wild caught alaskan sockeye salmon a couple of times a week.. All three of the above are in it. Why take any pill at all if there is a food supply with those nutrients in it?

EngineerGuy responded:
Hi Dolores,

Re: All three [B12, D, DHA> of the above are in it. Why take any pill at all if there is a food supply with those nutrients in it?

I agree that, generally speaking, supplements are worthless or harmful, and the food sources are beneficial. Notable exceptions are B12, D and DHA. There are some other exceptions, too.

For vitamin D, highly recommended that everyone get a blood level vitamin D test. Ideal is 35 to 55 ng/ml. Some people achieve this without supplements. Most people need 1000-2000 IU. A few people need much more. GeoffreyLevens needs 8000 IU to be in this range. Few people would have adequate vitamin D from salmon.

Another problem is that studies show that many women of child bearing age have levels of mercury and PCB in their blood, that are of concern to some authorities, and studies also show that most of the mercury / PDB comes from fish in our diet. So, rats. Otherwise fish would be much healthier.

For DHA, the same problem. DHA supplements are purified, to remove the mercury / PCB, but fish is contaminated.

Some people do best, health wise, as vegans. Consider Esselstyn's results with heart disease (the best results ever medically documented, vastly better than the second best).

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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