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PAM Cooking spray
ufatbasted posted:
I'm doing my best not to consume any oil . The only oil I use is PAM. My my wife buys me a whole grain pizza dough that contains oil(we make veggie Pizza's). Have really not had anything fried or containing oil in 11 months. The only exception is when I eat out. I do ask that my dinner be prepared oil free who knows what happens in the kitchen?

We only use the PAM when it is necessary like when making whole grain pancakes and the like which will stick if the pan is not oiled a bit.

Just curious what you guys here on the board use and if you are 100% oil free
xring responded:
Besides naturally-occuring oils in raw nuts, my only other source of oil is maybe 1 tbsp. in my salads.
Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
ufatbasted replied to xring's response:

While I do not put oil on anything even salad. It's hard to cook certain foods without a spray of pam on the pan to keep things from sticking.

How do you work around that?
xring replied to ufatbasted's response:
I put a tiny bit of olive oil in the pan when I'm cooking something that might stick like a Boca Burgerf or grilled veggies. I've used Pam for the same purpose.

I don't know about the effect on that small amount of olive or canola oil on health issues, but I doubt it's harmful.
Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
josvin84 replied to xring's response:
I use a minimum amount of olive oil or coconut oil mixed with some water. Water helps to spread the oil evenly over the pan.
ufatbasted replied to josvin84's response:
Thanks That's a good tip. I use vegetable stock when cooking as much as possible but certain items require a dab of oil.

The plan calls for " no oil" and that seems to be the hardest part to adhere too. That all said the amount of oil I've have is a very so little so I guess I shouldn't worry.

Thanks xring and josvin84
DeadManWalking57 replied to ufatbasted's response:
Hey, UFB !

I'm one of the few who is very low oil/fat. My wife uses PAM, with no ill effect to me.

If I do get some unwanted fat or oil in a meal, I'll now ontice some extra noise in the lower intestine, and hope it stays there.

Even small amounts of nuts bother me, with the exception of pistachios which I can eat every day.


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