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Intensive Diabetes medical care worsens results
EngineerGuy posted:
Hi folks,

Parental discretion advised: negative comments, but the solution revealed:

We all know that diabetic medications help "control" or "manage" diabetes. These words are carefully chosen, to be code words for "we hope the diabetes doesn't get worse too quickly". The following study is one illustration of that.

As the link shows, diabetes can be reversed by careful and healthful diet and exercise. Instead of managing diabetes, let your physician manage your medications, reducing dosage as your blood sugar normalizes, and you get healthier, and finally ending medications as your health becomes excellent. Dr. Fuhrman had one 80 year old patient, who had been on insulin for 20 years. She was off insulin in 2 weeks. The Pritikin center, run by board certified physicians, gets 40% of insulin dependent diabetics off insulin during their stay. 70% of oral medication diabetics get off medication during their stay. You can see these statistics and much more, with the medical journal references, at

Best regards, EngineerGuy
xring responded:
Naturally, (as Dr. John Abramson & many others describe), pharmaceutical companies spend a fortune on advertising, clinical trials (that result in "adjusted" data) & doctors' continuing education, lecture fees & perks to praise drugs, so that will be the preferred course of treatment. Patients pay the price.

Especially amusing is the direct-to-consumer advertising suggesting that we ask our doctors for drugs - "Talk to your doctor about adding _______to the drugs you're already taking." Wouldn't our doctors already know when we need more drugs??
Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
DoloresTeresa responded:
Those are amazing results, EG. One might wonder about the other thirty percent who don't get off oral meds during their stay. But remember that the stay is only a couple of weeks or perhaps a bit longer. When I was first diagnosed, and without knowledge of Fuhrman or McDougall or Esselstyn (just Pritikin) I got myself off drugs and down from an A1c of 9 to an A1c of 5.3 in three months. That was when I went back to the doctor for another blood test. I do not know how long it actually took to get there. And I was eating some olive oil and more chicken and fish than I am now.

DoloresTeresa replied to xring's response:
Actually, X, I am very skeptical about what doctors know about drugs. They know mostly what the drug salesman tells them. They read brochures. And they experiment a lot. It takes six years to become a pharmacist. How could a doctor possibly know as much? He simply doesn't have the time.

EngineerGuy replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
Hi Dolores,

Re: I got myself off drugs and down from an A1c of 9 to an A1c of 5.3 in three months.

WoW. You are a champ.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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