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DoloresTeresa posted:
On one of the discussion groups on vegsource, a person asked a question which was not answered.

The question was from a person who was vegetarian leaning towards vegan who said that although he ate this type of diet his bilirubin was high as were his AST and the other liver thing which I can't remember now. He did not give any numbers. Any ideas?

I remember reading somewhere that bilirubin is an anti oxident. I also never worried about the jaundice of any of my newborns because they were breast fed and I have come to believe that not only is it normal, but in some way may be healthful. When my mom told my grandfather, an uneducated man, that my first baby was jaundiced he said, Oh, she must be breastfeeding. It seems reasonable not to worry too much because the human race wouldn't have survived without infants being breastfed so why would a bilirubin count that is a little high be considered dangerous. I wonder if the dangerous thing isn't that bottle fed babies usually are not a bit jaundiced.

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