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Red meat increases stroke risk
EngineerGuy posted:
Hi folks,

An excellent post on many recent studies, showing a correlation between red meat consumption and stroke.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
xring responded:
Soooooo...........this would not be a good meal?

Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
DeadManWalking57 replied to xring's response:
An absurd amount of saturated fat and cholesterol.

All the yellow stuff is about 90% saturated fat.
twinb63 replied to xring's response:
Funny pic xring. The grease stains on the wax paper it's wrapped in made me laugh. Imagine this thing sitting in the refrig for an hour then being put on a plate; cold grease is one of the least appetizing things I ever want to eat.
xring replied to twinb63's response:
If you're old enough, remember the cute Jack in the box ad with Rodney Allen Rippey when he was 5 yrs old? He couldn't get his mouth over their Jumbo Jack.
Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
An_192672 replied to xring's response:
LOL !!

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DoloresTeresa replied to twinb63's response:
Speaking of this thing sitting in the refrigerator, there is a Mexican restaurant near my brother in Arizona to which all the Mexican workers go for lunch and dinner. So my brother thought they ought to know good Mexican food. So he went and not only was the food fantastic, but the prices were unbeatable. However, he said you can't take it home and refrigerate it because it congeals after being in the refrigerator. The only reason I can think of that this would happen is that it is cooked with lots of solid fat. So much for healthful.


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