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Meal spacing
Hanawaiman6358 posted:
I was reading the book The CR Way and I came across Mark Mattson. The book made some claims about meal spacing and other things. I decided to google this guy to see if he was a legitimate researcher. Boy, is he ever. Google him and you get lots of interesting information. Here are 2 easy and interesting sites.
An_192679 responded:
Hi Hanawaiman6358,

Great to see you, as always. Thanks for emphasizing a valuable modality of health, intermittent fasting.

Dr. Fuhrman has posted some of the same research. That's why he advocates 2 or 3 meals a day, instead of 6 meals, like Pritikin. I had 6 meals a day for 30 years on Pritikin, and now 2 or 3 meals for over 2 years. The fewer meals is definitely better. That's why Fuhrman advocates to get hungry between meals, and not get stuffed at meals. Sometimes I don't follow this advice well, due to working schedule. While I was reading over this stuff, it really inspired me to get hungry between meals.

Fuhrman has a unique emphasis on maximum nutrition in minimum calories. Fuhrman's intimate knowledge of fasting, was crucial to making this valuable connection.

Here are some references from Fuhrman, plus a couple more.

Thanks again for your valuable contribution.

(I'm posting anonymously, so my aviatar isn't ubiquitous.)

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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Monkey studies and fasting/aging see link below

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