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EngineerGuy responded:
Hi Xring,

Excellent post. Truly shocking. Why do the drug, stent, etc companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to these consultant physicians? There can only be one reason. To make sure the public has faith in the manufacturer's medical technology to heal them. Also, not hear about lifestyle or any competing idea.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DoloresTeresa responded:
I just want to say--Marianne, check out the Fuhrman diet for your husband.

A former correspondent of mine, Dr. Larry Weisenthal who has a cancer clinic in California, has written on the habit of some cancer doctors of using certain cancer drugs simply because they make more profit on these rather than other drugs which may be as beneficial or more beneficial for the patient.

Doctors don't like me. I question everything. One fired my for not taking his (stupid) advice.

josvin84 responded:
Great post. Only remember the conflict of interest is between patient and doctor. All other parties have a common interest: $$$$$$$$$.


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