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Sugar is poisen NY Time article
ufatbasted posted:
Hope the link works!
EngineerGuy responded:

Thanks for the excellent post. I recommend the 90 minute talk to everyone.

When I watched it, I was saying I'd stop it when I got bored. I just never stopped it. It's a good talk. (UFB's link is to an article, which gives the link to the talk.)

This talk was the thing that "got through" to a friend of mine.

A retired pharmacist, my friend was very impressed with the talk. The talk "broke the ice" and now my friend is moving toward "Eat To Live", working to reverse his macular degeneration. (He also read my recommendation "Eat Right Electrolyte", by retired ophthalmologist Dr. Rex Hawkins. This book shows the retinas of people with macular degeneration, in terrible shape, and regaining 20/20 vision after 2 years of careful low sodium plant based diet.)

Is sugar alone the culprit? Based on my experience, absolutely no. Cutting out sugar strictly, by itself, was vastly inadequate to slow my progressing atherosclerosis.

Cutting out sugar IS necessary, but for most of us, not adequate.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DoloresTeresa replied to EngineerGuy's response:
I sat through the whole boring thing. So--Richard Nixon is responsible for the obesity epidemic and for trying to give poor children and pregnant women enough to eat. The Atkins diet works just as well as the Japanese diet. Etcetera.

The last three minutes made some sense. He told us what we all know. Stay away from soft drinks and processed food. Didn't tell us to stay away from meat and dairy. Didn't say eat more vegetables. Didn't mention the success of people like Esselstyn, Pritikin, Ornish, Fuhrnan, McDougall whose very low fat diets are wildly successful. He would probably say it is because of the very low sugar content of their diets. However, if this alone were true, then the Atkins diet would be successful which it is not in the long run. Atkins himself saw that the high fat (albeit low sugar) diet DID NOT WORK FOR TYPE TWO DIABETICS after a while. If the culprit were sugar then his diabetic patients would not have experienced rises in their A1c's.

While he said that fructose in an apple won't hurt you, he did not say anything about fats outside the food matrix such as in nuts and seeds. Was he implying that bottled oil is better for you than sugar?


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