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AttyWSW posted:
For the first time ever I have a small garden. It has been a learning experience and very rewarding. I highly recommend it especially for people trying to eat more fresh vegetables.

I want to tell you how easy kale and collards are to grow. And both grow so fast! Had fresh kale in a green shake this morning. Love cooked collards but I like them southern style with a little meat and probably too much salt. Everything is taking off with the warm/hot weather. 93 here in Florida yesterday

EngineerGuy responded:
Hi AttyWSW,

A garden ... nifty !!

I grew Kale, but they became encrusted with little green eggs(?). Any idea what they were? I'm in Utah.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
josvin84 replied to EngineerGuy's response:
Dont worry. It is a little extra natural protein and omega 3.

AttyWSW replied to EngineerGuy's response:
E.G., I haven't had any eggs on mine. The leaves grow so fast. Every 2-4 days I pick the biggest and use them in salads or green shake. I'm going to try some kale chips for my son.
EngineerGuy replied to AttyWSW's response:
Hi Josvin,

Hi AttyWSW,

Thanks for your replies.

I don't worry about the extra protein, but my wife would never let me in the house again. :-)

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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