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I am case history #2
EngineerGuy posted:
Hi folks,

Here is a presentation of the value of IMT. I may have influential in encouraging Dr. Fuhrman to adopt IMT as a valuable tracking tool. I am case history #2 in this clip.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DoloresTeresa responded:
A star is born. The crowd goes wild. What exactly were you eating before fuhrman? Refined grains? Pastas? Vegetables, fruits, beans? Any animal foods? Dairy? Supplements? The public wants to know.

ufatbasted responded:
You need to change you name to CH2!
EngineerGuy replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
Hi Dolores,

Hi Xring,

You guys are cards. Love it. :-) :-)

Yes, before Fuhrman I was very fervent Pritikin. How did I significantly worsen on the last 2 years on strict Pritikin? The 2 years before that, I had no change or slight improvement.

I think I was exercising too much. I was running 4 miles a day, 7 days a week, and running hard. Also weights 3x a week, working out hard. I weighed 167 (6'0") and was DXA measured at 11% body fat. I think I was exercising too much and perhaps eating too much, to support the exercise. I was strict about everything. I ate 0-6 oz meat fish or poultry total per week, actually less than they served at the Pritikin center.

I lived on starches. Brown rice, Potatoes, oatmeal, hard sourdough bread, shredded wheat were my staples. I ate 5 servings of veggies a day, but did not really emphasize them as now. 5 fruit a day. No beans, nuts, seeds.

If Dr. McDougall's starch based diet is the answer, I was perfect. My only trangression for Dr. McDougall, would be the bread, as it is a flour product. But, I was low fat, starch based. (I don't believe that is the key. I believe the key is high nutrient eating, being very lean, rest, correcting a D deficiency in spite of lots of sun, etc)

I took Pritikin supplements, which were a multivitamin. I took fish oil, but only 400 IU of D, in the Pritikin multi. I did not know that I was vitamin D deficient, with only 16 blood level. in spite of an hour of sun daily, wearing only trunks.

Most people improve at the Pritikin center, so it was certainly dismaying to me that I worsened. My VAP cholesterol test, showed that I was Lipid profile B. There is A, A/B, and B, B being the worst. This means my LDL runs high, and is mostly the bad small dense LDL. My HDL runs low, and is mostly the only bad HDL, the small dense HDL.

On Fuhrman, I am definitely eating more fat, in the form of nuts and seeds. I lost 10 pounds, down to 157, pinching a half inch of fat by the navel. I cut my running down to 2 miles a day. I tend to push the first mile, and smell the roses for the second mile. I fixed the vitamin D deficiency.

I'm working on walking on my hands, for the last 2 years. I'll send a video, if I ever get to do it. I've got the minimal strength now, and am working on the balance.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
EngineerGuy replied to EngineerGuy's response:

I love the name CH2. It sounds like an explosive free radical, chemically speaking.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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