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Eye exam
DoloresTeresa posted:
I just got back from my semi annual visit to my ophthalmologist (who by the way must have had gastric by pass surgery because six months ago he must have weighed close to 400 pounds and now is very skinny--but looks 20 years older.) For a few years he has been checking my retinas, and examining for cataracts, ARMD, glaucoma and all the other stuff. Now he decides that I should have an HRT (controversial as far as efficacy according to the internet and some comments from Wills Eye Hospital.) and also a field of vision test which is subjective and relies on the patient pushing buttons and remaining very still for a long period of time.

My IOP (pressure in the eye) is normal but I understand that people can have glaucoma and still have normal pressure--just when I was feeling good about my eyes. The real test of glaucoma is changes in the optic nerve which he has been looking at for years and which he never said looked bad.
He still hasn't said he thinks it looks damaged in any way. I always ask. Now he said these two tests have to be done every year. I guess I am going to get fired by yet another doctor.
Here is what I think. I think he just bought the HRT machine and now has to pay it off. I say this because my dentist never, in twenty years, said I needed panorama x rays until he purchased the machine. Now he recommends them. (I refuse) I figure if it was that important he would have sent me elsewhere for the panorama x rays before he bought the machine

Glaucoma is caused by the same thing that causes heart attack, stroke, diabetes. Blocked arteries. (Oddly enough, very very low night time blood pressure can damage the optic nerve because it isn't getting enough blood.)

So what do you think? Is this just another costly test that isn't necessary because optic nerve deterioration can be tracked by ordinary photos of the nerve?

An_192684 responded:
Hi Dolores,

I think you have it exactly right. ^_^

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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