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Stevia headache
Hanawaiman6358 posted:
After watching the Robert Lustig video about the perils of sugar I have greatly increased my use of stevia. I have noticed mild to moderate headaches and mild dizziness. I googled stevia and headaches and read some accounts of the same thing--headaches with dizziness. Hmmm . . . Anyone familiar with this?
Hanawaiman6358 responded:
I am at 30 hours off stevia and feeling much better. Better than the past 3 weeks.
Hanawaiman6358 replied to Hanawaiman6358's response:
At 48 hours, no headache or dizziness. I supposed I should try it again but . . . no thanks. It is great to feel great.
EngineerGuy replied to Hanawaiman6358's response:
Hi Hanawaiman6358,

Interesting, that stevia gave you a bad reaction. I am glad that you identified it, and got rid of it. Good job ! :-)

According to Jay Kenney, PhD nutritionist, whom I trust a lot, the artificial sweetener with the least health questions, is Splenda (sucralose). This is due to animal studies where the animal signs his little informed consent form, and gets pounded with lots of sweetener. Stevia had some problems, and Spenda had the least problems.

So, years ago I used a fair amount of Splenda. I finally quit because it prompted me to overeat, for the sweetness.

Now on Fuhrman, I stick to fruit for sweetening. Wait until you are hungry between meals (which is very healthy), and the natural sweetness in veggies and fruit, and even beans and nuts, is great. Eating 2 or 3 meals a day, and waiting between meals until you get hungry, is very healthy. It helps to slow the metabolism, which extends life and reduces inflammation. Very healthy.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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