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low carbing
DoloresTeresa posted:
Rick Mendosa who is a diabetes writer (look up David or Rick Mendosa) is an evangelistic low carber. He was on meds for quite a while and even used Byetta but started low carbing (Lots of fat and meat) , lost a lot of weight and is now med free. (I don't know about his blood pressure but he is diabetes med free). He also is an avid exerciser. His diet is the complete opposite of Fuhrman and certainly McDougall and Esselstyn yet he seems healthy with excellent cholesterol and triglyceride numbers--low enough to please the above gurus. However, his LDL rose 14% but I don't know if it is above the recommended level.

I am going to follow his blog to see if this way of eating will prevent complications and if his sugars will stay low. Of course a good deal of anyone's success is due to exercise and no refined or processed foods.

EngineerGuy responded:
Hi Dolores,

Yes, the Atkins type diet does have some who improve heart disease and diabetes. I asked Dr. Jay Kenney, nutritionist at the Pritikin Center, about it when I attended there. He said they felt the patients success would have been better yet, on a Pritikin Diet.

The Atkins diet seems to be worst, for attempting to keep weight off. The National Weight Control Registry ( ) tells us that. Of successful weight losers (over 30 pounds for over a year, with a doctor's verification), only 1% used an Atkins type diet.

So, if the weight comes back, clearly there is no benefit, and perhaps worse.

Also, on the Atkins diet, good looking cholestrol numbers do not necessarily mean good arteries. The Masai taught us that. Cholesterol can plummet, but arteries harden. It depends on a person's individual genetics.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DoloresTeresa replied to EngineerGuy's response:
Yes, poor Tim Russet had excellent numbers on gorilla doses of statins when he died.


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