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my new diet(some changes)
jc3737 posted:

Here is my diet.I'm on this because it controls my weight, blood pressure,angina, and blood glucose.

I have brown rice and beans at every meal along with steamed vegetables.I also have a small salad.With breakfast I have one strawberry,with lunch I have 7 blueberries,and with supper I have 2 cranberries and 2 raspberries.

I use a very large steamer to make enough vegetables for 5 days having about half a cup-1 cup at every meal.I steam broccoli,onions,carrots,celery,and collard greens.

I soak a variety of (6-7)kinds of dried beans overnight and then make a large pot that lasts for 4 days having about 1 cup at every meal.I make a large pot of brown rice(cook for 40 mins)which lasts for 3 days having about 1 -2 cups at every meal.

I have a small salad at every meal...romaine lettuce,carrots,celery,mushrooms,and some onion(all raw)...with the the first salad of the day I have fresh ground flaxseed-1 tablespoon.

I have two cups of hibiscus tea in the morning and drink water the rest of the day.

I eat basically the same thing every day but sometimes have steel cut oatmeal as an added snack.I break this diet about 6 times a year at special occasions and eat what is served minus the dessert.
EngineerGuy responded:
Hi jc,

WoW !!!

Congratulations on a super diet.

Great to hear from you, as always.

Great diet. Looks like it is precisely Fuhrman. It looks very much like my diet, actually.

I steam 2 weeks worth at a time in 2 large covered pots, and freeze it in 2.5 cup rectangular ZipLoc brand containers.

You probably do this already. Be sure to consume the water used to steam the veggies. I just add the water to the steamed veggies. An experiment: Let some water dry on a plate. There's lots of stuff in it. :-)

What are your thoughts on an ounce of nuts & seeds?

You mention that you very infrequently break the diet. I am definitely moving toward that myself. I feel effects from binges, and I don't want to sacrifice any health, for the momentary pleasure of binge eating (and subsequent heart burn, indigestion, maybe blurry vision in the morning, impaired exercise, etc.)

The daily cup of beans is very important, to help satiety. I'm facing a cruise to Alaska, shortly. So far, I fail miserably when trying to break the diet in moderation. So, I'm thinking to ask the cruise line to make salt free beans available to me (1 cup a day min), and I'll just try to do it as best I can otherwise, with salads, etc. I'll bring oatmeal.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
jc3737 replied to EngineerGuy's response:
I forgot to add the handful of nuts when i updated my diet...I have cut way back on fruit because its causing me some digestive problems but have a few nuts at every meal.As you can see my diet is a mixture of Fuhrman and McDougall.I have more starches that Fuhrman recommends

Still trying to figure out who is right about various issues.I have a salad with every meal just in case Fuhrman is right about the need for raw vegetables....but can find no science to support it....only minor differences between cooked and raw veges.
jc3737 replied to jc3737's response:
I have either one and often two tablespoons of fresh ground flaxseed daily...last few months i have been having two...does Dr Fuhrman see any problem with two?

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