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almond butter
DoloresTeresa posted:
Chef AJ demonstrates a recipe on a recent vegsource video. It is absolutely delicious. It is called Hail to the Kale and she uses a dressing of almond butter, water or coconut water, dates, lime juice and garlic. She also adds tamari which I didn't use when I made it. You put it on raw kale and chop it into the kale with a kitchen tool called an Ulu. I would sell one of my children for this dressing and the kale (which I never ate raw before). However, it has tons of calories and fat from the raw unsalted almond butter and the coconut water (which I didn't use) has a half gram of fat per cup which is nothing compared to the fat in the almond butter, but it also contains 252 mgs sodium per cup.

Is this something a diabetic should eat? Or anyone who is trying to stay heart healthy and lose weight. I do not think esselstyn or McDougall would approve of this dressing. It might even be too much fat for Fuhrman.

I was thinking of using one fourth of the almond butter and adding to the food processor instead, a couple of nectarines or apples. Would you use water instead of the coconut water because of the 252 mg of sodium?

EngineerGuy responded:
Hi Dolores,

I share your concern about sodium. 252mg would be no big deal, if it's the one added sodium for the day, though.

Fuhrman does get an important source of calories from fat from nuts & seeds, for those at weight goal. Don't forget that Fuhrman's recommendation for weight goal, is much leaner than most. 1/2 or 3/4 inch for guys, and 1 inch for ladies, at the navel.

Diabetics are especially susceptible to weight goal. I myself am very sensitive to weight. I am familial type B lipid profile - high LDL, mostly small dense, and low HDL, mostly the only
bad HDL, the small dense.

If I may ramble a bit more, a few months ago I tried not to eat for 4 hours before going to bed (and you sleep much better). Sometimes I went to bed slightly hungry (very healthy). I found easy weight loss, to actually go below 1/2 inch fat, while maintaining strength in the gym. I was prompted to do this, because I found that if I had a snack immediately before going to bed, even completely a healthy snack within all guidelines, I might wake up with blurry vision for a few hours in the morning. Was this due to high blood sugar during the night? I guess so.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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