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Pomagranates are in season
EngineerGuy posted:
Hi folks,

Pomagranates are in season now. Hurray !!

I have daily 1 oz of pomagrante juice. Studies show that this is enough to be beneficial. It is expensive...

I have opened several pomagranates, and frozen the seeds. I put a tablespoon of seeds in my daily smoothies. I think this makes a difference. I actually think it helps me run faster. Of course I realize that it's difficult to be sure. Fuhrman has mentioned the seeds as being beneficial also. DMW has mentioned a beneficial element in the juice (I forget the initials ... it starts with an E ). DMW said the seeds do not have the compound. Perhaps the seeds have other beneficial compounds.

I haven't found frozen pomagranate seeds in stores, however.

For anyone reading who has not heard, Ornish ran a great study, showing that pomagranate juice improved heart blood flow for heart patients. The control group got worse. Very impressive. We follow the Fuhrman lifestyle, with a wide variety of veggies, fruit, beans, nuts and seeds, and some whole grains. And many of us do go out of our way to include some pomagranate in the variety of fruit.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DeadManWalking57 responded:
Hey Dude !

Two part reply, on pomegranates, and the "E" thing.

I have a coffee mug of pomegranate juice breakfast and lunch, and another 3 ounces with dinner, occasionally other times when home. I drink Langer's at work, and Bolthouse Farms at home, depending if I go to Costco for POM, or Smart & Final for the other two.

I also drink pomegranate and white tea from Trader Joe's. We already finished the pomegranates from the tree we have this year. We have a POM Wonderful variety with edible seeds. So its like slow popcorn.

The special thing boosted by pomegranates is paraoxonase. The three known functions of paraoxonase for heart disease are 1) a huge functional boost to HDL, making the effectiveness as if HDL count was much higher (HDL carries excess LDL out of the blood stream, that is why it is HEALTHY (note the H of both Healthy and HDL); 2) A strong anti-oxidant, with values above nearly all fruits including berries; and 3) activation of cholesterol effusion from macrophage foam cells. Item three translated refers to the oxidized LDL filled immune cells choking off arteries from the inside, like a mold growing within the artery wall, release ox-LDL back to the bloodstream for removal by HDL, and the minor shrinkage that occurs with that release. So overtime, blood flow increases and the artery opening begins to increase in size.

In 5 years of regular pomegranate juice, I have reduced my metoprolol use from 50 mg twice a day, to 12-18 mg twice a day, and sometimes once a day. I am beginning to be able to sleep for up to 5 hours a night continuously.

I also have a more difficult time getting my heart rate up with exercise, and my doctor seems to think that is ok.
The E factor is EPCs. These are the body's natural stem cells for arterial repair. Pomegranates beneficial effects might help EPCs. Pistachios, Green tea, and EVOO boost them directly. The list of risk factors that most doctors recommend heart patients improve ? All of those independently DECREASE the body's production of EPCs, and blunt the function of those that are produced.

What does that mean ? Its means your body's ability to keep arteries in proper repair is severely reduced. The alternative is damage at sites becoming plugged by immune cells, which WILL and DO absorb oxidized LDL from the blood stream, slowly enlarging into blockage sites. These grow into hidden pipe clamps. Let it go long enough, the artery is totally blocked, anything beyond it is asphixiated and tissue dies as surely as if the artery was severed and cauterized.

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