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Fuhrman on public TV in Denver
twinb63 posted:
This week the local public TV channel is having their fund drive. An hour of Fuhrman explaining his 3 step program is being aired at 9PM; you may have seen it before, the micronutrients in step 1 etc. They're selling his DVD's to raise $$$. He sure looks skinny in that suit, my hunch is he weighs in at ~ 150 lbs, appears to be ~ 5'9" tall, if that.
EngineerGuy responded:
Hi Twin,

I pledged the $150 to support PBS, and get the Fuhrman DVDs. The money all goes to PBS, not Fuhrman. Fuhrman donated the time and effort to create the series. PBS paid for the filming, printing the books, etc. It is a good series, and has some things that are new. This is only available from PBS. Fuhrman offers some other DVDs on his website, for $150, that doubtless has the same information. Or, you can buy his book for $10. But of course, I'm dedicated to this. I'm preparing a talk that I'll start giving to church groups, etc. When I retire, I'll become a health coach. I am compelled to do this.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
EngineerGuy replied to EngineerGuy's response:
Hi Twin,

PBS first televised the "3 Steps to Incredible Health" series in June 2011. It was repeated last weekend, here, in Salt Lake area. Each PBS station repeats it as they see fit, according to how well it did raising funds.

It is interesting that we ponder long and hard before spending $150 on health DVDs, but worry much less spending $150 on oldies but goodies DVD of nostalgic songs. I guess the average person doesn't know if they can follow the health message, but they know they will enjoy hearing the old hits.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
twinb63 replied to EngineerGuy's response:
hahahaha, good point EG.

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