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Junk Food can be Addictive
EngineerGuy posted:
Hi folks,

Recall the movie "Super Size Me", where a guy ate 3 meals daily at McDonalds, for 30 days. He gained 25 pounds in the one month. Instead of his typical 2500 calories a day, he took in 5000. At the beginning of the month, he felt fine all the time, and the only time he felt bad, was when he was overeating on all that food. Just 30 days later, he felt bad all the time, and the only time he felt good, was when he was overeating on all that food.

Did that person condense into 30 days, what many people do over many years?

This link came from a WebMD email. A Scripps Institute study shows similarities between junk food addiction and cocaine. Rats became addicted to high calorie food, and would starve themselves rather than revert back to healthy food.

For myself, it's easy to be completely on the diet. No will power is needed. The veggies are delicious, especially when I am hungry. But when I try to practice moderation, with small amounts of rich food, I crave the rich food all the time.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
josvin84 responded:
I have this nagging feeling that if you switch the words healthy foods and junk foods then the article will remain the same except for one sentence: He LOST 25 pounds in one month.
noanimal responded:
I agree with this study--I've seen others on a similar note in ScienceDaily. Rats given intermittent junk food will stop eating "rat chow" and wait to binge on the junk food, etc. Also the salt and fat encourage overeating at each meal.

I don't have any problems sticking to the diet either. But this weekend I was at my mothers, and was presented with some junk food alcohol. Well, I stopped eating my regular chow and binged on some chocolate cake. I even ate an egg. :-(

Fortunately after the alcohol left my system I returned to my chow without further problems ;-)

Moral of the story, I guess: Don't Diet Under the Influence!
EngineerGuy replied to noanimal's response:
Hi NoAnimal,

Re: Moral of the story, I guess: Don't Diet Under the Influence!

It can be tough, but hopefully we get back to the program before too many brain cells are slaughtered by the onslaught of fat and sugar, etc. It's too late for me, of course. :-)

So, Mama's, tell your children, not to DOOOOooo what I have done... To LIVE your LIFE, in sin and misery, in the house of the rising sun. :-)

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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