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If Anyone Needs Inspiration - My New Labs:
xring posted:
I just got my lab results in today's mail - including Lipid Profile. They were taken on 3-31-10. There was substantial improvements from my labs in 12-08 at diagnosis of diabetes.

I was also 13 lbs less at this doctor visit - total weight loss on Dr. Fuhrman's program: 35 lbs.

My doctor said "all numbers are excellent."

The only "treatment" I've had since 1-8-09 was Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" program which I've been following since 1-8-09 - the same date I stopped taking all my diabetes medications (against my previous doctor's advice) because they were making me ill.

Also, note that I've NEVER taken any statins or blood pressure medications (or daily aspirin) - now or in the past.

Blood Pressure was 120/72. At diagnosis in 12-08, it was 157/87.

Cholesterol: 194. Doctor said "It's excellent." In 12-08 before starting Dr. Fuhrman's program it was 239 (which indicates "high risk" on the lab report.)

Triglycerides: 116. Lab report indicates "Low Risk" is < 200.

HDL: 61. Lab reports indicates "Protective" is > 60.

LDL: 109. Lab report indicates "Desirable" is < 130

For those of you familiar with Type 2 diabetes, Hemoglobin A1c at the visit was 6.0% - exactly where it was at last year's visit in 4-09 (which was 3 months after starting Dr. Fuhrman's program). My first A1c at diagnosis in 12-08 was 8.9%. The Hemoglobin A1c is a very important test for diabetics because it determines what percentage of red blood cells have sugar molecules stuck to them. It's an indication of a constant 24/7 average blood sugar for the past 3 months - which is the life span of a red blood cell. A non-diabetic range for A1c is 4 - 6%.

Again, that's with NO diabetes medication since 1-8-09 - only following the section "Advice for the Diabetic Patient" in Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live." (I follow it about 80%). My blood glucose at the visit (after a 10-hour fast which can raise blood sugar in diabetics) was 134. At diagnosis in 12-08 it was 491, which is potentially deadly.

As I stated in my blog which Dr. Fuhrman posted on his website under "success stories," I spent almost $5,000.00 on the E.R. visit, two doctor visits & lots of medications & only got sicker. The only thing that helped me was a $16.00 book - "Eat to Live."
josvin84 responded:
Beautiful. Simply great results.
ufatbasted replied to josvin84's response:
Congrats xring. You post is an inspiration!
An_192690 responded:
Hi Xring,

Thanks very much, Xring, for your wonderful story ! :-) It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
rubystar2 responded:
Congratulations. You are truly an inspiration.
dtms1 responded:
way to go X

liveit replied to dtms1's response:

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