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Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz show
engineerguy posted:
Hi folks,

Quite impressive.

Dr. Fuhrman was on Dr. Oz Monday June 4. One thing that was new, was that Dr. Fuhrman did not recommend exercise during the first week, while working to start the diet. He said to wait until you feel like exercising. That sounds reasonable to me, because the body has to go through some big changes, when starting the diet. Exercise is just an additional stress, and hard exercise gives me a ravenous diet, which would be difficult to handle, before being comfortable with the new lifestyle.

For anyone who didn't get to watch it, here are the links to all the parts. The recipes are below the videos.

Here is part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The recipes are below each video. Be sure to especially look at part 3, some yummy treats!!!

Best regards, EngineerGuy
engineerguy responded:
Hi folks,

Dr. Fuhrman is #1 on New York Times Best Seller list !

Perhaps his 15 minute appearance on Dr. Oz contributed. Dr. Oz did say Dr. Fuhrman had the best weight loss program, in Dr Oz' opinion.
Paperback Advice & Misc.
1.EAT TO LIVE, by Joel Fuhrman

Best regards, EngineerGuy
deadmanwalking57 responded:

Hard exercise can put the body in oxygen debt, circulating excess CO2 which is not good for arteries. One never needs to exercise beyond their fitness level. That way recovery is faster, and one can exercise every day if you choose to.

Fatigue is a sign that a person exercised too long, and will need a couple days to fully recover. A recipe for over-training and discouragement from a lifestyle with exercise.

To those who think it will not be effective, I can play basketball, volleyball, badminton, run up 50 stairs, or hike for hours without breathing hard. I am 59, 6 years post 3xCABG.

Life is still good.

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