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When is a seed . . . a seed?
hanawaiman6358 posted:
I read lots about nuts and seeds and their importance. I also read about Dr. Esselstyn's caution about nuts and seeds. My question is regarding seeds. Wheat, rice, oats are all seeds. My grandson planted kamut in my garden. I grow wheat with my class at school after reading The Little Red Hen. But I know you are not referring to these seeds (wheat, rice, kamut, etc.) when you say "nuts and seeds." So what characteristics make a seed a "seed?" Is it the fat content? I always enjoy this site even though I don't contribute very often. Also, while watching Dr. Oz I heard his recommendation about resveratrol. I bought some at Costco. Hmmm . . . Any thoughts?
jc3737 responded:
Here is some personal evidence that nuts may be important in keeping cholesterol low.

Don't take it as science because it may be a lab error or may only pertain to my situation.
engineerguy replied to jc3737's response:
Hi Hanawaiman6358,

Re: " I always enjoy this site even though I don't contribute very often. "

I'm very glad you enjoy the site, as do I. You are always welcome, of course.

When is a seed a seed? Great question, actually. Wheat and rice, it seems to me also, are also seeds. All I would be able to do is to Google it, to get some idea. I'd never thought of it before you pointed it out. ^_^ And, a quick glance doesn't appear to provide a quick answer. OK, Hanawaiman, you have found a modern conundrum !!

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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