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Cooking brown rice perfectly
twinb63 posted:
I found this recipe for cooking brown rice & it turned out perfectly, even here in the mile high city. Joe.
engineerguy responded:
Hi Twin,

Hey, great news on the perfect brown rice. And, you mentioned that the grains of rice were separate, not stuck together. And you mentioned it was delicious, and I bet it is. Thanks for sharing.

A few years ago, I ate lunch with an engineer from China. (In semiconductors, we have many talented engineers from all over the world, working at our plants, especially from China and India.)

His rice was all stuck together in a glob. I asked him if he liked his rice that way. He said yes. He didn't like American rice, where each grain is individual. I figured this guy had eaten more rice than I shall ever see, in my lifetime. So, if he likes his rice in a glob, then I can too. So now it's easy to make rice, since I like it in a glob.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Now we have a choice. ^_^

Best regards, EngineerGuy
deadmanwalking57 replied to engineerguy's response:
I like a large dollop or two of spicy salsa on my rice.

Sticky rice is easier to eat with chopsticks.

More interesting, I sprinkle in curry powder and cayenne pepper in my marinera sauce. Take it up a notch !
engineerguy replied to deadmanwalking57's response:
WoW - that sounds great
dteresa responded:
aren't you throwing away the soluble vitamins when you throw the water away?

engineerguy replied to dteresa's response:
Hi Dolores,

Great to "see" you.

About throwing away the water, I guess so, that the soluble vitamins would be lost. Good point.

Since you are visiting, I feel I ought to rise to the occasion, to post some profound stuff, as your inputs are always insightful and witty. I'll give it a shot...

Best regards, EngineerGuy
deadmanwalking57 responded:
I just use a small rice cooker.

First I dampen the brown rice, then add double the volume of water. And a pinch of salt, dollop of olive oil. Spice to taste.

Does not seem difficult to prepare at all.

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