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Alzheimers risk studies
engineerguy posted:
Hi folks,

Here's a 10 minute video clip on studies of alzheimers risk, from Dr. Neil Barnard. Parental discression alert: saturated fat lovers should skip it.

By the way, I don't believe any vegetable oil is beneficial for the brain, except fish oil or algae oil, providing Omega-3. Vegetables are healthy, vegetable oils are not. Beneficial fats from nuts and seeds (raw, unsalted) and 1 tablespoon daily ground flaxseed are also valuable.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
deadmanwalking57 responded:

Did the link post ?

My personal suspicion is that Alzheimer's may be blockages at the capillary level occurring in the brain. Fibromyalgia capillary level blockages in muscle tissue.

If forms of cardiovascular disease, then low fat high anti-oxidant diets are not simply heart friendly, they are whole body friendly.
engineerguy replied to deadmanwalking57's response:

Great to see you around.

Hmmm, better with the link...

I agree with you that blockages at the capillary level likley powerfully contribute to Alzheimers. However, as dimentia is categorized, ischemic dimentia is due to blockages, and Alzheimers, which is one type of dimentia, is characterized by tangles and amyloid plaque. Microscopically inspecting brain tissue, you can have ischemic without Alzheimers and visa versa. But again, I agree with you that I also suspect that poor circulation contributes to Alzheimers. All the risk factors for Alzheimers are exactly identically the same as for heart disease.

There is a gene, the APOE E4 gene, which greatly increases the risk of alzheimers. (I just sent away for a "spit kit" from 23andMe, for $99, which will tell me if I have this gene, as well as 200 other genes of interest.) Anyway, checking this gene in Wikipedia, shows that this gene also raises risk of heart disease also. This is yet another example of anything done for heart health, also likley improves brain health, and whole body friendly, as you point out. And clearly, I need all the help I can get in the brain area. ^o^

One theory of Alzheimers is that brain cell mitochondria can get damaged, and release toxins. These toxins collect over years, and help promote Alzheimers. I also read in Scientific American (1) that autophagy can prompt cells to clean up and remove damaged mitochondria. This is cool. Autophagy would occur during fasting, certainly, and perhaps when getting hungry between meals (eating 2 or 3 meals a day).

Best regards, EngineerGuy

(1) Scientific American, Jan 2012, "A New Path to Longevity"
engineerguy replied to engineerguy's response:

Check out the Pomegranages - Amazing post on the Diet Debate site. There are many benefits to the juice and seeds.

Best regards,
deadmanwalking57 replied to engineerguy's response:
Somehow I am not getting posts from this board. I will check the box more conscientiously.


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