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DNA methylation reduced by green leafy vegetables; Reduce Lung Cancer
engineerguy posted:
Hi folks,

The new science of Epigenetics is learning some amazing things.

DNA Methylation is the way DNA is programmed to become differentiated cells, within the body. The sperm and egg have DNA that is not methylated. When a cell becomes a pancreas cell (or any other kind of cell), the genes that should not be expressed, become methylated, which deactivates the undesired gene, and leaving the desired genes for the pancreas activity.

But during our life, additional, undesirable methylation can occur. Recall Dr. Dean Ornish' study, showing that healthy diet upregulates good genes, and down regulates bad genes, concerning prostate cancer.

One study showed that obese rats had more obese children, compared to normal weight rat parents. It is believed that the DNA of the obese rats had increased methylation, which was inherited by the rat kids. In this case, DNA methylation is DNA damage. (I do not have a reference for this study.)

This is a very recent non-technical explanation about vegetables helping to prevent cancer.
July 8, 2012

This is a technical paper working to predict lung cancer for smokers, based on the methylation of 8 genes that suppress lung cancer. If the gene is methylated, it cannot do it's job, and the smoker is likely to get lung cancer. The paper showed that folks who ate veggies, had less methylation of these good genes. Eating more meat and saturated fat also showed a negative affect, as expected from prior research, but the affect was not statistically significant.
Cancer Research Dec 15, 2012
Multivitamins, Folate, and Green Vegetables Protect against Gene Promoter Methylation in the Aerodigestive Tract of Smokers
Christine A. Stidley1,

This study has identified two dietary variables, leafy green vegetables and folate, along with multivitamin use that could help reduce the incidence of lung cancer by reducing the induction of methylation in the aerodigestive tract of smokers.

These are technical papers which would help understanding of the lung cancer paper. I am only beginning to begin to understand this. It is amazing what science is starting to learn.

Chromatin remodelling

DNA Methylation

The Role of Methylation in Gene Expression

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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