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Diligently NOT losing weight OR belly.
Douglas6211 posted:
I need some people t weigh in on this, no pun intended. Ok, a small pun was intended. I went wheat free 25 days ago. I've been very focused and have not let wheat sneak in from anywhere. No doubt I feel better, but have seen no measurable difference in my girth, and even more disturbing, I've gained 3 pounds from day 14 to day 25. What gives? Is this normal? Any advice out there?

I weighed in at 210 on day 14 and now I'm at 213. Help.

engineerguy responded:
Hi Douglas,

Welcome aboard !!

Can you give us some clues? I assume you used to eat a fair amount of wheat products. Approximately how much wheat products were you eating?

What are you eating instead?

What is your diet like, generally?

Cutting out wheat would be very helpful to those with a gluton sensitivity, or those with a wheat allergy (which is different than a gluton sensitivity). But for most people, changing from wheat flour to other types of flours, would not make much (any?) difference.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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