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Diligently NOT losing weight on Wheat Belly
Douglas6211 posted:
I cut all aspect of wheat out 25 days ago and have been attentive in replacing with solid food alternatives. On day 14 I weighed in at 210 , down a few pounds. Since then I've gained weight and see zero girth reduction. Is this common? What gives? I haven't cheated at all. Any thoughts or similar results?

Oh, my start weight was 218 I dropped to 210 after 14days, now 213?

deadmanwalking57 responded:

Weight out of the shower, same time of day ?

One or two pounds a week loss is the consistent pattern of those who lose weight and keep it off.

Keep in mind that its still calories in, and calories out. Don't simply cut wheat but allow fat in your diet. By weight, fat has far more calories.

Are you adding some very low cal finger veggies like celery stick or carrot sticks ? A glass of water now and then instead of anything else ? Eating the same foods, but smaller portion sizes ?

Have you added an hour a day more activity ? Even if it is just walking ?
twinb63 replied to deadmanwalking57's response:
I stopped wheat too but was dieting at the same time so can't say what the exact effect was, but my stomach shrunk & I felt much better. Are you eating salty foods? That makes a big difference for me in looking & feeling bloated.
Douglas6211 replied to deadmanwalking57's response:
Thanks for the input gents. I have been quite focused on replacing the questionable foods with wholesome real alternatives. Lots of fruits and veggies, nuts and trail mixes in big salads. No junk at all from what I can tell. No fast food either. I'm a month in tomorrow and did notice yesterday my belt buckle needed to be snugged an extra notch, so perhaps some progress is happening.

I do feel much better generally and have to say, I've had no heartburn whatsoever and alone makes it worth it. I'll keep posting progress.


engineerguy replied to Douglas6211's response:
Hi Douglas,

Hey, congratulations on your progress !! Your effort is well worth it.

I believe a healthy diet actually increases the size of the digestive tract, and we carry about 5 pounds of "bulk" or "fiber" in our intestines. People have said I'm full of it, and I assure them, on my diet there is no question of it !

Best regards, EngineerGuy
Douglas6211 replied to engineerguy's response:
Thanks, EngineerGuy. The progress has seemed a little on the slow size but those little reinforcers certainly help, like the belt loop. I'm hitting the road for a couple of weeks and am looking forward to navigating around the buffet tables and restaurant menus.

My best

engineerguy replied to Douglas6211's response:
Hi Douglas,

Best of luck at the restaurants. I typically do not do well there !

If you have the option to have a hotel room with a little kitchenette and refridgerator, and wish to take the time, you can acutally buy your own food at a supermarket, and actually follow an excellent diet.

I follow the Eat To Live diet, by Dr. Fuhrman. Eat To Live is a #1 NY Times best seller. It is also the best selling single book on I've been on this diet over 5 years. Previously, I was on the Pritikin diet for 30 years, the last 2 years very strictly. I am meeting my health goals more successfully now.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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