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arginine and EPCs
deadmanwalking57 posted:

I was reviewing a page on nutrients in nuts, and noted I wrote on it the arginine contributes positively to artery elastricity. So I look on Pubmed for arginine and EPCs, and found .

Arginine, similarly high in many nuts besides pistachios, contributes to the health and function of Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs), those wonderful cells that keep our arteries in good repair.

From the article above, oxidized LDL, which gets in foam cells that cause enlargement of blockage sites, that OxLDL also injures and hampers EPCs. So not only does OxLDL increase blockages, it also makes it more likely a person will have arterial damage resulting in additional blockage sites !

One more reason to keeps fats reduced and anti-oxidants up so there is less or no OxLDL, so one can have healthy EPCs taking good care of our arteries.

And chicken breast, turkey and soy protein are also high in arginine, so they each contribute to EPCs as well.

I recently started buying sliced turkey breast for sandwiches for snacking. Healthier than expected !!!

Live Long and Prosper !

engineerguy responded:

thx for the post !!

just a thought... the most successful heart disease programs are diligently and adamantly vegan. How diligent we, as individuals, have to be, depends on our heredity. I suggest tracking with IMT (IntraMedia Thickness) readings every couple years.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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