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Vinegar: I was wrong
engineerguy posted:
Hi folks

Vinegar is a very healthy food. Yes, we do get calories from it, and it actually contributes to an alkaline metabolism, even though it is very much an acid. Vinegar usually contains 5% acetic acid.

So what's the problem?

Vinegar is very healthy as an ingredient in a recipe. I have many times recommended just straight vinegar as a salad dressing. That is a problem, because the high acidity will likely attack tooth enamel, or old fillings, and cause cavities. I think I've had several cavities from vinegar. So, use vinegar as an ingredient in recipes, but avoid straight vinegar. I don't know how much oil protects the enamel, in vinegar and oil dressing. I'm not going to chance it. myself. Of course, we do not advocate oil as a healthy food anyway.

Check the tips for info about

1) do not rinse after brushing, for a fluoride treatment every time you brush

2) use the little Christmas tree brushes, in addition to brushing and flossing.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
jc3737 responded:
EG,Have you ever head that too much vinegar can deplete potassium over time?I came accross that before but I don't think it was a study just someone in a post.It provides stomach acid which can help with digestion short term but can be bad if used long term.Thats the theory I heard.Seems the body needs to produce its own acid and not rely on artificial help.

I think you are corrrect...the bottom line is to restrict its use.
engineerguy replied to jc3737's response:
Hi jc,

No, I hadn't heard that, about the potassium. Like you say, vinegar is healthy in moderation, and diluted. You can google lots and lots of stuff about vinegar, some of it quite impressive.

Best regards, EngineerGu

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