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Mercury - It's worse than we thought
engineerguy posted:
Hi folks,

This frightens me terribly. Fish is a very healthy food, but I conclude that I will eat it rarely, because of mercury contamination.

Fish intake Associated with Brain Shrinkage

I do not believe we can do anything about global warming. If we threw the USA into the stone age, and stopped all CO2 production entirely, India and China would simply take up the slack, and pollute more that we do, for the same energy production. But we can do something to clean up our air, including mercury pollution. Alternative energy is more expensive, but we have to work towards it.

Coal fired power plants produce 2/3 of mercury pollution. Individual gold refiners in Africa make up the other 1/3 of mercury pollution. These poor destitute people dissolve gold ore in mercury, and boil away the mercury to get a meager amount of gold to live on. As they evaporate the mercury, they are killing themselves, and polluting the world.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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