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    Gut bacteria versus medicine gone wild
    engineerguy posted:
    Hi folks,

    We have heard so much about gut bacteria, and their critical importance to our immune system, health, etc etc.

    We have heard of benefits of probiotics, which supports the above statement.

    Here is a fascinating study, where a fecal transplant from lean humans, helped fat rats lose weight (1).

    So, eat your veggies. I first heard of a fecal transplant in Scientific American, where people with c. difficile colon infection, which is a terrible problem, antibiotic resistant, but were cured with a fecal transplant from a healthy person. An enema of dilute stool from the healthy person, is administered to the sick person.

    Note: I also saw a study where people being given antibiotics, should wait 2 weeks until after the antibiotics are finished, before using probiotics, to reduce the risk of c dificile infection.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy (Stacy)

    (1) ?
    jc3737 responded:
    I have found probiotic supplementation to be of no value at all in helping GERD or digestive problems.....just another dead end road.Probiotics sound good on paper but don't really work.

    For what works for me see the discussion on the diet debate board.
    max9821 replied to jc3737's response:
    Could it be the brand? You can test probiotics to see if they are active. They work for me. I only use them rarely but I always keep them around just in case and I throw them out when they expire.

    A doctor prescribed a strong antibiotic for an infection I did not have. He started me on the antibiotic before he had a culture done and three days later called to say there was no infection but to stay on the antibiotic anyway. Like a fool I started without the culture results and like a fool I continued the antibiotic for ten days. I started to have chest and back pain even when not exercising. I thought I would try my probiotic and in less than three days the pain went away. Apparently the antiobiotic destroyed the natural healthy gut bacteria and left the bad stuff. I actually put up with the pain for weeks.

    An experiment in Britain had techs collect all the feces of two groups. One was eating yogurt with live cultures. The others were eating dandelions with meals. The feces was freeze dried then the bacteria in each culture was counted. Hardly any helpful bacteria in the yogurt group but lots and lots and lots in the dandelion group. A good diet will keep the digestive system healthy.

    jc3737 replied to max9821's response:
    Could be the brand...I have tried multiple brands....none work...I have had some very limited success with making my own sauerkraut....but if I eat the right foods i don't have a p[roblem.

    I have found yogurt does more harm than good....all that sugar gets me,which is consistent with the study you mention.

    For me a good diet is one with low fermentation potential and almost no sugar in any form.I described my current diet on the debate board.I usually stick with it but sometimes I have a few too many beans or a whole wheat cracker,or have a bite of something my wife has cooked for a snack and sometimes I get away with it and sometimes I don't.

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