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Leaky Gut video - very interesting
engineerguy posted:
Hi folks,

Here is a very interesting 8 minute video from Dr. Klaper. This ties in with autoimmune diseases, asthma, etc.

Best regards, EngineerGuy (Stacy)
engineerguy responded:
Hi folks,

Great to see Twin and DMW ! Welcome, folks.

We are still sharing great tips. "Skully" (DMW) told us about nutmeg, which I'll try.

The leaky gut video at the start of this thread, mentions a commercial test for leaky gut, available on the internet, costing about $77. This is great, so people can actually find out if they have it. Also, 3 very helpful supplements, and several important foods to avoid, for those who wish to reverse leaky gut. Dr. Klaper is very knowledgable, and an excellent resource.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
engineerguy replied to engineerguy's response:
Hi folks,

HEY !!! Anyone with autoimmune disease, or any long term issues which seem to have no explanation, should consider taking this test. 5% of people have leaky gut. Their life will be awful until it is fixed. Since the audience here generally includes people looking for answers for health issues. probably a lot of people here will be helped by this. Please look at the video, even for information sake alone.

Notes from the video:

Leaky Gut

This 8 min video is especially great, because it tells of a safe inexpensive way to test for leaky gut, and a safe inexpensive way to likely cure it if you have it.

To recap the video: If you have leaky gut,

eliminate alcohol, wheat, dairy and sugary foods and unnecessary antibiotics for 6 weeks.
Take these 3 supplements:
Quercitin 1000mg twice daily for 6 weeks
Glutamine 1000mg twice daily for 6 weeks
Lactobacillus acidophilus: General GI support; Prevents pathogen growth; Decrease URI in children (Upper Respiratory Infection);
Reduce UTI in women (Urinary Tract Infection)

Stacy adds: Eat a cup of beans daily, or work towards a cup of beans. Beneficial bacteria help digest beans, and make short chain fatty acids in the intestine. The short chain fatty acids help nourish the lining of the intestine.

One way leaky gut can be created, is by use of antibiotics, which may kill off beneficial bacteria, and the patient may eat a large amounts sugary food, which may cause harmful bacteria to thrive and perhaps attack the intestinal wall.

The leaky gut test includes lactulose and mannitol, which are harmless carbohydrates. Lactulose is not absorbed, and mannitol is absorbed.

An earlier explanation of leaky gut, also with good info:
(When Dr. Klaper wrote this, he was not aware of the leaky gut test. Note how helpful the test is!)

Best regards, EngineerGuy (Stacy)

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