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speaking of "leaky gut"
deadmanwalking57 posted:
Actually referring to flatulence.

I found an online reference to nutmeg being good to reduce intestinal gas, and recalled my parents added nutmeg to our oatmeal when I was a kid.

I started adding about a 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon to my oatmeal daily, and would say my gas was reduced about 80 to 90%. At the amount of gas I had daily, that was like a gift from heaven.

I suggest you add some to green smoothies, to taste, and be more socially acceptable.

The cafeteria at work closed two weeks ago, so I have not been having morning oatmeal, nor the nutmeg. A return of the gas.

Please try it, and let me know your results. Or lack.

deadmanwalking57 responded:
Speaking of,

I read and have tried soaking beans to reduce gas.
I did this, dumping and refilling the water every few hours for about a day, with two pounds of dried mixed beans, about 20 varieties in all. I was home with a bad cold, so the resulting gallon of mixed bean soup was most of what I ate for three days. If anything, less gas than normal for me.

The substance causing gas gets into the water, a sugar I think, so cooking the beans in the water they soak in does nothing. Dump the water. A few times, even better.


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