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blood test
max9821 posted:
finally had a blood test. Total cholesterol, 118; LDL, 52; HDL, 43; trigs, 116. Total cholesterol to HDL ratio, 2.74. No meds, no fats but flax seed, just plants.

jc3737 responded:
Thats great Dolores,Would you mind posting your exact diet?....maybe a day by day journal for a week.
max9821 replied to jc3737's response:
I don't keep a food journal. Typical morning breakfast is oatmeal cooked with about a quarter bag of frozen spinach, peas if I have them and added fat free tomato sauce diluted with an equal amount of cento crushed tomatoes because you just can't find tomato sauce without salt and sugar. I add a tablespoon of flaxseed to this and more often than not will have one more tbs of flax seed on my salad.

I make vats of vegetable soup with lots of greens and other vegies with a tomato base. Takes me about three or four days to eat the soup. Huge salads to which I usually add beans of some kind and lately have been adding either sweet or golden potatoes.

If I am not eating either the soup or salad I will have greens or broccoli or brussels sprouts with some raw vegetables and a starch like potatoes or rice. And that is just about it except for special occasions if I feel like going to the trouble I will make something more elaborate like vegan paella or a lentil loaf. Both of which I will make for this weekend because I am having company.

It is very simple but I never get bored because there are so many vegetables and vegetable combinations and lots of ways to combine potatoes or rice with beans or vegetables.

Fruit for dessert. One ounce or so of pomegranate juice in the morning. Water or rarely apple cinnamon tea.

When I fly or am out of the house for an extended period and can't take a shopping bag full of food, I make no-fat hummus and put it into small pita breads. And a baggie filled with cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. This fits into my handbag.

I must add that my creatinine level was .33 which is low. The lowest number for my lab is 0.7. Low creatinine can mean muscle wasting, sometimes a kidney problem, old age (not me, I am just about 71. old age is 90), or a low protein diet. A vegan will typically have a lower creatinine number. The cardiologist did not seem worried. But I notice that he does not worry about anything that is not in his area of expertise and from which he cannot make money.

jc3737 replied to max9821's response:
That sounds like a great diet.I rely more and more on potatoes.. 9 per day and three of them are sweet potatoes....1/3 cup beans,brussel sprouts,green leaf lettuce,mushrooms,collards,1 tbs flax seed,3 nuts/day,

Very boring diet that rarely changes but it keeps digestive problems away....keeps cholesterol,blood pressure,and blood sugar low....the only problem is triglycerides which run from 190-250.I cant figure out why the triglycerides are high....probably all the potatoes.I don't think its a problem since all the other numbers are good...LDL was 81,cholesterol 151 and glucose was 78....last A1c was around 4.7 but was not done last blood test.CRP was less than 1/10 suggesting very low levels of inflammation.

Some think hs CRP is the most important of all the markers and best predictor of a cardio incident.

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