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Vita Mix
ufatbasted posted:
May be a little OT but curious how many of you have/use a blender for
veggie smothies or juices. If you do pro's and cons of the make/model you have.

I'm want to get more veggies into my diet and it seems homemade smoothies /juices are the way to go. I may start making bread and all natural ice cream too
Everything I've read says the vita mix is the one. Price tag is way high and that is what is stopping me from makign the purchase

geoffreylevens responded:
This site might help. The guy is very helpful and answers emails pretty quickly for questions. I went back and forth between VM, Blendtech, and Omni and finally got the VitaMix Big Dog 3 hp. Have blended salad almost everyday! Was making them first in regular Oster beehive and burned it out, or really, stripped something in the drive train with a over load. Then got an Oster Professional model that is 1/2 hp and it was better but still had to nurse it and do at least 2 batches to make one meal. With the VM, I fill it to the top w/ chopped veg, some cooked beans, some nuts/ seeds and 2 cups water and let 'er rip. In about 5 seconds there is plenty or room for the rest of the veg (about a pound total!) and then another 15 seconds or so and I have a super creamy, blended salad! I think the Blendtec is pretty comparable from what I have read so far as performance goes but there may be quality/durability issues...
EngineerGuy responded:
Hi ufatbasted,

Thanks, GeoffreyLevens, for an excellent post.

I bought the Vitamix variable speed, but only use the high speed. This can save money not getting the variable speed.

I believe the blendtech does not have a pusher, which would be a serious deficit. But, I could be wrong.

I used a Hamilton Beach for almost 2 years. It works. It started to go, and I treated myself to the Vitamix. Love it.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
Bubbajum replied to geoffreylevens's response:
Well here is my 2 cents, I have a $20 Walmart blender that works great!! Vita, Blendtech Waaay to much money.
We are meant to eat food not drink it. Now having said that I do make green smoothies. The ones I make are not smooth or creamy they are thick and very chunky.We are meant to chew food hence molars, also our saliva is the second step in digestion our very strong stomach acid is to break down bulk food material. This body is made to eat plant matter....meat who needs it, not me. Our bodies are plant eating machines and like you "UFB" I needed some help getting my veggies, so I started off with basic banana and spinage smoothies (super creamy) Then I read some material from Jeff Novick and what I got out of it was that we should strive to eat whole food with minimal processing. So I started to experiment with my recipes and came up with this, which I eat every day.

half tray ice
half cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
5 strawberries, tops left on blend smooth

now add
3 oz kale
3 oz spinage
3 oz char
other half ice tray
15 almonds
1 cup v8
1 cup water blend till chunky
now add half cup oats ( not rolled or steal cut ) container says "traditional oats"
mix oats in with long spoon add more water as needed.

I love this I get a smoothie I get to eat and chew my food. Eight month ago I did not eat vegetables, corn and potatoes that's it. Since I started on the Ornish program my weight has dropped 47 lbs all my blood work has dropped by 50 points each, the A1c 7.4 to 6.3 I work out at least 4 days a week and eat super clean.....lots of veggies with the help of a $20 blender. Wow all that might be my 3 cents.
EngineerGuy replied to Bubbajum's response:
Hi Bubajum,

That's great! Yes, the regular blender does fine. The smoothie sounds great.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
ufatbasted replied to EngineerGuy's response:
Thanks to everybody for the input
Well I went for the vita mix. Ordered a refurbished 5200 which carries the same warranty as a "new" model.
Figured I spend the dough while I'm still working.
Can' t wait to start making green smoothies and fresh sorbet. I'll post back when I get the unit.
Hanawaiman6358 replied to ufatbasted's response:
I bought a Vita Mix abut 7 years ago and that was the best thing I have ever bought. Typical use: morning smoothie--handful oats, 1 cup of cooked lentils, 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup frozen berries, low/non fat soy milk, ice, 1T sugar. Keeps me full all morning.
Lunch smoothie (along with beans a veggies)-- about 1 cup water, 4 limes zest and juice, 1 T sugar, stevia, container packed with fresh raw kale (sometimes a kale collards romaine mix) ice and what a lime fresh drink. Dinner smoothie--often about 1 cup of hard red winter wheat mixed with kamut and I make fat free, salt free pancakes.

Sad thing, I burned out the bearings on the container but they are sending me a new bearing kit free of charge. I bought one for my son's wedding present and one for another son's college graduation. Can you tell . . . I love my Vita Mix.
dtms1 responded:
Re Vita Mix. I went on the site and looked at the prices. Darn. If only I had known I wouldn't have sent my kids to college.

rubystar2 replied to dtms1's response:
ROFL Dtms 1, maybe since you DID send your kids to college, when they become successful and earning good money they will budget frugally and buy you one as a thank you for sending them to college. One can only hope.
dtms1 replied to rubystar2's response:
Ruby, that is unlikely. I will be grateful enough if they don't decide to move back home.

ufatbasted replied to dtms1's response:
I sent both mine to college. Neither one would ever think of buying me something to thank me. Especially something as expensive a a Vita-Mix. Both my kids DID move back home
EngineerGuy replied to dtms1's response:
Hi Dolores,

You can buy a refurbished VitaMix for about $360, with the same warranty as a new one. Or, take a trip to Europe. Your choice. :-)

Best wishes, EngineerGuy
ufatbasted replied to EngineerGuy's response:
I ended up getting a refurbished model for 379.00 same warranty as a new one. It's due to arrive tomorrow can't wait!
geoffreylevens replied to ufatbasted's response:
Vrrrooooom Vrrroooooom let the blending begin! Gentlemen, start you VM's...
EngineerGuy replied to geoffreylevens's response:
Hi GeoffreyLevens,

WoW What a thread you started in the Lounge in the McDougall website. Thanks for your excellent contributions. I have to pull back now, though. We are just repeating now. I'll answer if someone asks me.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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