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aspirin and flaxseed
dtms1 posted:
I hope someone out there can answer this. My brother read a copy of Eat to Live and has dived in with both feet. He wants to wean himself off of the Metoprolol and possibly off of the lipitor. However, he went out and purchased flaxseed powder (and the oil). I am concerned because he has been taking an aspirin a day for quite a while although he has never had a heart attack or even angina pain. I think he shouldn't be taking the aspirin in the first place much less while he is also using flaxseed powder. Won't using the two together create a greater risk for bleeding? Especially since he seems to be following Fuhrman to the letter.

josvin84 responded:
I would not worry about mixing aspirin and flaxseed. At least if he is taking low dosage baby-aspirin. After sometime on Eat to Live guidelines he can gradually stop with all medication.

I would however hesitate taking flaxseed oil. I am not sure if that is healthy since a number of ingredients are removed.

An_192706 replied to josvin84's response:
Hi Dolores,

Josvin is completely correct. The flaxseed oil is discouraged. One tablespoon daily of the ground flaxseed, is excellent.

By the way, keep the ground flaxseed in the freezer, once the airtight seal of the bag has been opened.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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