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Heart healthy diet boosts immune system ?
DeadManWalking57 posted:
It seems with a heart healthy diet and plenty of exercise, my immune system works so much better. Has anyone else had this experience ?

I accidentally sliced a small chunk of skin on a finger almost all the way through, about 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch, Friday, bled a lot. Tonight, it is almost totally healed and the skin recovered. Shouldn't that take about 2 weeks ?

Last summer, I got over viral meningitis in 2 days, back at work in 6. I was expected to be out a month.

It seems to feel so good on this diet and exercise. Fountain of youth ? I think its made up of anti-oxidants, minimal fat, and exercise. I'm as frisky now with my wife as when I met her 22 years ago, and still playing basketball at the park.

What's it like to get old ? I really don't know yet, except avoid getting cold, or stress.
xring responded:
Yes. I've had a couple of bad colds that only lasted one or two days.
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josvin84 replied to xring's response:
I have been sick once in the last five years and that was a bad flu which kept me away from work for a week.

I am jealours of others who get to stay at home regularly due to sickness!!!!
Bubbajum responded:
Welcome to you natural state.....healthy.
EngineerGuy responded:

Don't let DMW get bored. He'll start whittling his digits and appendages. :-)

Sugar suppresses the immune system. Our plant based diet definitely rev's it up terrifically.

I'm a bit surprised about rapid wound healing, though. Sure, killing all the germs with a strong immune system will facilitate wound healing greatly. We are at the edge of the calorie restriction regime, getting the benefit of increased lifespan. For those who go far into calorie restriction, they feel fine, but notice slower wound healing. Of course, we are not into calorie restriction. Just an observation.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
DeadManWalking57 replied to EngineerGuy's response:
Hey, EG ! Cheap shot ! I've been filing my nails keeping them neat for over 10 years now.

But a little chess, notes on a few other websites, a few new friends to communicate with add up. Bumped into some friends from college and high school on facebook.

I've even lost 5 lbs from forgetting to snack, and doing more cardio and missing some weight work the past few months. I got up to 160, but am back down under 155 again.

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