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Great artilce on EPCs, entire PDF
DeadManWalking56 posted:

EPCs are endothelial progenitor cells. They stimulate healing in blood vessels. Apparently every single cardiovascular risk factor interferes with the blood vessels ability to maintain themselves and heal from injury. The fewer risk factors one has, the greater the chance of healing progressing faster than damage building.

That is why patients who will go through ALL the recommended lifestyle changes have significant health improvement despite massive heart disease, like me. My angiogram the day before emergency CABG for less than 7% blood flow to my heart, also showed a collateral capillary network they would have expected of an Olympic marathoner. Finding the two together really stumped my doctors.

Even oxidized LDL has a negative effect on the EPCs, so having any oxidized LDL by itself slows the bodies ability to repair damage that the oxidized LDL is also causing as it becomes enveloped in macrophages that form artery blockages.

Thus the need for LDL as low as possible and frequent ingestion of anti-oxidants and EPC stimulating foods throughout the day.

If one can reach a zero level of oxidized LDL, along with reducing all other risk factors, we do the greatest good to heal our blood vessel damage.
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