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Steaming Veggies
EngineerGuy posted:
Hi folks,

Easiest way to steam veggies: Put about an inch of water in the bottom of a covered pot. Turn on the heat, while you chop and pile in the veggies of any and all descriptions. You only need enough water so the pot will not boil dry. When steam comes out from under the lid, then the veggies are finally up to the boiling point. Put on the timer for how long you want the veggies to steam (20-30 min, or as desired). This has the benefit of not using a lot of water. The veggies can be eaten with the water.

Some people think the veggies have to be immersed in water to be cooked. Absolutely not true. The steam heats the veggies just as well as being immersed.

In either case, the water contains an important part of the nutrients of the veggies. This is even true if the veggies are in a tray held above the water. Be sure to consume the water also.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
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18Oct responded:
Hi EG,

I do it in the pressure cooker. That is how I cook my beans & lentils too. I have 3 small pots(separators) that stack one over the other that fit in the cooker. I can then steam some veggies, lentils & rice all at once and in a matter of minutes. For veggies no water is required(or you can add some). for lentils, I add 2 cups of water for 1 cup lentils and 2.5 cups for 1 cup brown rice.

For beans I just eyeball the water, usually level of 2-3 cms above the beans.

Keep on high till it reaches full pressure(1st whistle), and then 2 more. Easy breezy :)
18Oct replied to 18Oct's response:
Forgot to add, once the heat is turned off, you need to wait for the presssure to relaese before you open the cooker. End to end 15 mins max. Cooker is on fire for only 5-7 mins, saves gas.
An_192646 replied to 18Oct's response:
Hi 18Oct,

Thanks for the info. :-)

(I'm signing anonymous, so my photo won't be on every post.)

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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