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2 Salads a Day
engineerguy posted:
Hi folks,

Probably the most important tip there is: Eat 2 large salads a day.

A salad has lots of greens and vegetables. Romaine lettuce and an assortment of greens, is a very important part. I used to think the benefit was that it mixed with all the other food, slowing down absorption and softening the post prandial (after a meal) peaks. Yes, this is part of the benefit.

But a larger benefit of salads is the nutrition from the greens. For example, folate is a critical nutrient. It is Vitamin B9. The word folate comes from foliage. Guess where it's found in plentiful supply? In green leaves and green vegetables, of course. Plus, of course, thousands of known and yet unknown anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that come along with the vitamins and minerals in vegetables. It is a powerful nutritive cocktail that can't be beat. Really. Having lived it for almost 3 years, I'm a believer.

The dressing cannot have oil or salt. I don't know of any commercial dressings that pass that test. Vinegar (any kind) is great. Amazingly, vinegar is a very healthy food. The Krebs cycle metabolizes the acetic acid. The acidity leaves the body as CO2. The result is that vinegar, while acidic, contributes to an alkaline metabolism (makes the urine alkaline) and helps calcium stay in the bones, etc.

Other dressings can be blueberries (fresh or frozen), 2 tablespoons cashews (raw unsalted, of course) (3 tablespoons = 1 oz), and a tablespoon of vinegar. OR, a cucumber (peeled), a couple tablespoons of favorite seeds, and 3 prunes or other fruit (strawberries are good).

Very valuable to sprinkle beans on a salad. This helps balance the proteins. It is not necessary to balance vegetable proteins, but it is helpful.

Very valuable to sprinkle nuts or seeds on a salad.

My cholesterol lowered 40 points in 1 week, by adding 2 large salads a day. There must have been a lucky variation in readings also, but that is what the tests said.

One daily salad can be blended. Very good to include a tablespoon or two of favorite seeds or nuts, to enhance absorption of all sorts of stuff. Also some beans.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
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dtms1 replied to AnnaNicoleSmith's response:
isn't this site supposed to be moderated? I have been on perfectly wonderful unmoderated groups that have been ruined by people like the advertising person above. Not worth logging onto anymore.

engineerguy replied to dtms1's response:
Hi Dolores,

I didn't see AnnaNicoleSmith's post (your post was a reply to her post.) I guess it's moderated, since the post was deleted.

Glad you caught the problem.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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