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Teeth: No cavities Gums: No pockets
EngineerGuy posted:
Hi folks,

As we get older, many people have serious oral problems with pockets between the gums and the teeth. This is the major reason so many people lose their teeth. My wife's family has lots of issues with these pockets. We've recently learned of new ways to even reverse pockets. So we do a lot, but it works. This is info for your perusal and consideration. If you ever have bleeding of the gums when brushing or flossing, you have some issues with pockets or gum health.

Fluoride treatments daily. Read the Tip about Fluoride treatments, by spitting but not rinsing after brushing.

Floss daily. 2x/day if working to reverse pockets. Bet you hadn't heard that before. :-) Floss with toothpaste in the mouth. Why? Same reason you brush with toothpaste.

Use these new mini-brushes between the teeth. They look like little test tube cleaners. G-U-M Proxabrush brand and others, available in any drug store, in many sizes. I use 3 sizes, depending on the space between the teeth. Put toothpaste on the little brush, and slide between the teeth. Push it in and out 10 times or more, in each gap. Spend extra time on each side of a crown. Crowns harbor extra bacteria. My wife has started reversing a pocket with this, going from 7 mm to 5 mm. Her periodontist told her to push the brush from the outside of the mouth, AND the inside of the mouth. I haven't mastered pushing the brush from inside the mouth. My wife can do it easily, now.

Use a waterpic, with hydrogen peroxide or mouthwash. Buy the most expensive waterpic. It works much better than the cheaper models. My wife had a pocket that was bleeding when brushing for 6 months. She was swishing hydrogen peroxide in her mouth daily, without help. As soon as she used the waterpic, first with water, and finishing with hydrogen peroxide, the bleeding stopped. We didn't know about the brushes at the time.

I believe the flossing, between tooth brushes, flossing and brushing and waterpic-ing all do different things. If you opt not do do all of them, I'd skip the waterpik. If you're working to reverse a pocket, you might consider doing all you can.

I'm sure everyone knows that gum health is affected strongly by smoking and general health. Diabetics typically have poor gum health, but get very good gum health when changing to a healthy lifestyle (Fuhrman, Ornish, etc).

Best regards, EngineeringGuy
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xring responded:
Well, EG, some of us have serious and $$$$$$$ problems with our teeth when we're young.

After constant decay that began before age 6, all 30 of my teeth were crowned 20 root canals & one bridge. I just can't understand why my dentists absolutely LOVE me.

It's true that crowns harbor more bacteria under the gum line. I've avoided many problems by aggressively flossing every night & pulling the floss under the gums before brushing to clean out those pockets. So far, so good - only 5 crowns, 5 root canals & one bridge replaced in the 15 years since the dental reconstruction. That's actually a very good record for someone with extensive work - especially when everything I've had to have replaced was due to poor-quality work by other dentists - cementing poorly-fitted crowns because of sloppy lab work.
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EngineerGuy replied to xring's response:
Hi Xring,

Hey, great work. If you decide to try any of the stuff I mentioned, let us know how it goes.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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