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Hep C Genotype 3a, 2nd time around.....
rainbowridergal posted:
Hi, I am new to the site and wanted any advice anyone can give me. I did my 1st treatment for 24 weeks, the pegasys and copegasys, I was 0 at the end of treatment and then 3 months later when they did my bloodwork My vl was over 6 million, my liver biopsy shows stage 2 and I had been going to an Infectious Disease Unit but they had my pcp refer me to a Liver Transplant Hospital.

I am NOT eligible for the new drugs so I will be back on the first ones but at a higher dosage and for 48 weeks. I am on an antidepressant and the first treatment was a nightmare, I still have low platelets and my last day of the first treatment was the end of August 2011. I also had to have blood transfusions and numerous procit and neupogen shots. I still have 2 procrit injections left in my fridge. This may sound vain but I had thick very long natural curly red hair and most of it was gone so now it is very short but coming back in. I have a vitamin d deficiency and have broken 3 ribs in the last year.

Now can anyone tell me if the 2nd time around is worse than the 1st??

I really appreciate all your advice, opinions, help, anything. Thanks a lot for taking time to answer....
Melissa Palmer, MD responded:
There will be many new drugs that work for genotype 3, and are an all oral regimen hopefully FDA approved by the end of 2014, which will require 12-24 weeks of therapy.
There are also many clinical trials of these drugs ongoing.

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