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Chronic Active Hep.-C...Pain
ehines7 posted:
I have been Dx. now for along time CAH-C with mild/mod.Cirrhosis; a couple of days ago I did some sweeping that noc. I have pain just under my (R) breast,My Liver area feels full should I wait a couple of days and watch and see or go to the Dr.? am scared I have started the final stages.
TYVM for your time
billm57 responded:
yes - you should have been advised to start treatment upon diagnosis of cirrhosis - id make an appt w/ a hepatologist or an experienced gastroenterologist asap
ehines7 replied to billm57's response:
Thank you for your response.... I have been under the aspusis of a Heptologist and I was and Have not been a canadate for any even the new treatment:{ U know how that goes... as an up date when to dr. yesterday and he is running some more tests and ultrasounds.... suggested the start of final stage......
billm57 replied to ehines7's response:
actually there only a few reasons one would not be a candidate for treatment - decompensated cirrhosis allergy to meds heart problems and some other medical conditions are the main ones - age weight depression smoker etc etc are really not reasons to withhold treatment - mild to moderate cirrhosis lowers the odds of success but does not preclude one from treating the disease --- the new treatments are for genotype 1 only
An_245433 replied to billm57's response:
Hello to both of you.
Ehines, I do hope you are doing better, you are in my prayers.
Billm, you (both) seem very knowledgeable on a subject I'm sure we all wish need not be. I thought I knew more than I actually do.
I was diagnosed in 2003, and I am amazed at the things I wasn't told by my Gastro. My question is what is "CAH-C"?
I remember the genotypes 1,2, but I don't recall any info on (per se) stage 2 fibrosis, if you know and wouldn't mind to answer that too, I would appreciate it.
I just lost a dear friend of 34 years to liver failure, brought on by hep-c, she had worked all her life, but of course wasn't old enough to "retire" so disability (what a joke) which of course she had to fight to get, then on a 6 mo review because she lived w/her boyfriend who drew his pension, they made to much money, so in November they said she was able to return to work, and on May 3, she did, went to work with the Lord.
But, her sister & I were trying to figure out why she never got treatment. I guess maybe it was to late when she found out.
I'm sorry for babbling, I think it's one way to grieve...
Thank you
ehines7 replied to An_245433's response:
I'm sorry for my long delay in response... I seem to be getting slower as I get older:}!!!!... CAH-C??? (chronic Active Hep-C)...
Was not trying to confuse any one :} I forget we do not always speak the same language.....I am so sorry about your friend and I understand about the Disability for sure:{.....
The pain I was having has passed and I guess now I did something and did not know it @ the time....although I do have considerable pain in my belly and do Plan on seeing my Gastr. as Billm says....
I guess that not every one can with stand the side effects of the Treatment physically or mentally and I guess other folks make a choice not to do anything..Perhaps this is why your friend could/would have had treatment..
I thank you for taking the time to respond to my little thread... God Bless and stay safe.....:}!!

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