Autoimmune Hepatitis
Naegooden posted:
Recently diagnosed with AutoImmuene Hepatitis. Related to Rhumatoid Arthritis. Just started taking prednisone and azithropine. Going change my way of eating today and increase my water intake. Have already had a liver biopsy and liver function test are every 2 weeks now. Any info to adjust will be helpful. Thanks
Manishu responded:
AIH is very responsive to steroids (prednisone) so your LFTs should be normal very soon. The uncertainty is whether the drug-induced remission can be maintained once the steroids are withdrawn. Azathioprine can be taken for longer than prednisone but it takes a few weeks to kick in. It should also help with the RA symptoms. If you don't tolerate prednisone too well then budesonide is an option. Good luck.