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    Just wanted to join and say hi!
    Dustyfairy posted:
    I just took my 12th injection of interferon on Friday evening. Today, I just feel like crying. Don't really know why, but, I am guessing it's because people that know, still don't understand. They think everything is fine. I am feeling so helpless and useless. I do go to work, but, today I am waiting on my special delivery. I live in Williamsburg, have grandchildren oh yeah I forgot children too. Lol Love my husband though I do believe we are drifting apart due to this treatment. I forget things, have no sense of importance, and absolutely refuse to take anti-depressants. They screw with my head to much and make me really crazy.

    Want to say so much more but, I guess for now I should go.
    hawgfan responded:
    Sorry you're feeling so down. I finished tx in Feb and I know it's a tough row to hoe. It used to bother me that noone had a clue how I felt. When I had a good hour (or few minutes) they thought I was OK. I was fortunate to have a real sympathetic partner in my wife. I will keep you in my prayers but I do have just a couple of suggestions:
    1. Talk to your doc about the antidepressant thing. There's probably one that doesn't mess you up too much. I'm not sure now I would have made it without mine. Glad I'm off them now.
    2. Try to have a heart to heart with your hubby about how you feel out of control, the roller coaster, etc. Let him know first that you know he can't and don't expect him to fix it, you just need a good listner.
    3. Accept the way you feel and know there are things you just can't do now and try to not let that bother you. Believe me, when you finish tx you can get back to normal activities.
    Remember, you can do this. There is an end date on the calendar when it will be over. Hang in there, take what it gives you, and try not to worry about the rest for now.
    oldtiff47 responded:
    I use to know MD'S who would not tx(treat) if not on anti'ds..

    please call you md now .....get lots of sleep too...

    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome dustyfairy!

    (((hugs))) to you! This is a difficult time and I'm glad you found us!

    Williamsburg, VA? My favorite family trip when I was a child was to Washington DC and Williamsburg - what an interesting, history rich part of the country to live in!

    How old are your grandkids - do they live near you? I LOL'ed when you said "oh yeah, I forgot children". My dad just visited my brother and I - he only wanted to interact with the 4 grandkids - my brother and I were left to put on sunscreen and fetch snacks!

    I hope you stick around!

    hepsister replied to hawgfan's response:
    Hawgfan~ Wonderful words of encouragement; Its good to see there are some that are able to finish the treatment.

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