Just started my treatment like...2 hours ago...and wondering
AaaChew posted:
Ok so I finally psyched myself up to starting treatment I have had the medicine since last Friday and I was even trying for excuses as to why I shouldn't start today....sooooooooooooo I finally did it and after the injection from the redi pen I was really surprised that the actual shot didn't hurt one bit..like not at all so I wondered if I did it wrong..can you do it wrong...probably not I think....I dunno...
Then I go online and see an article about triple drug therapy so I am wondering why I am doing the Interferon and Ribavirin only what is the difference and why wouldn't I also be taking telaprevir and my treatment is for 24 weeks not 48 which I am sooo ok with...is it something to do with the Genotype that I have? I have 3 the easiest to get rid of...I dunno I thought maybe someone might have some answers for me....
2bnlitend responded:
Yes it is based on genotype ... 2 and 3 are easiest to eradicate and usually require only 24 weeks to get there.

Hope all is going well at this point.