more2c posted:
does hep c go into remission? I was dx in 2000 but was told it was stage 0. I am now stage 2 for the past 2 yrs. I'm so glad, not complaining but just wondered if it usually progresses this slow. I see my doc in a few months. I figured maybe it is in remission or God has healed me. YES!
2bnlitend responded:
Hep c can be removed through treatment. Very few are fortunate enough to have their own immune system eliminate this virus as it mutates to a new state in which the immune system will not recognize in the immediate and must regroup to battle the new version. If you currently drink alcohol or misuse drugs of any kind; street or pharma, you might consider stopping these activities. To me stage 0.0 - 2 since 2000 seems fast paced progression of liver damage. Stay on top of this, God can only do so much and the rest is up to you.
more2c replied to 2bnlitend's response:
thanks. I definitely do not drink or take any kind of drugs. I had the interferon/ribavirin treatment in 2007 but was a non-responder. I didn't realize that my progression to stage 2 was fast paced. My hepatologist draws blood twice a year and the last 12-18 months she said everything looks the same. I do have to have a sonogram every year because my AFP stays elevated.