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Auto immune hepatitis
Brooklynlady1954 posted:
Hello everyone!
I am glad that I found this group, because I feel like my life is over.
I am 59 yrs old and was diagnosed at age 57, after my wisdom tooth was extracted. I was told I had fatty liver, did not pay attention, always had a weight problem basically my whole life. I was taking a lot of meds, cholesterol, blood pressure ,thyroid, I was given vicadin for the pain and than I started taking a lot of Tylenol, well a month later my liver enzymes were 1039. I was told I had toxic hep, just stop all the meds you take and come back in a month. The dr was the director of a hospital, didn't have too much faith in him. My family dr was on vacation, eventually I was put on prednisone and methotrexate, by a gastro, dr wasn't working than Imuran made me very sick. From june 2011 to march 2012 I was still out of wack, I went to a Hepatologist at mt Sinai and I am taking cellcept, seems to be working, but I have to stay on it for the remainder of my life, I have a lot of liver damage stage 4.
I find that my immune system is compromised I had gotten a stomach virus and had to go the the er for iv fluids, than I recently got a bug bite and my face blew up and I got an infection. Prednisone makes you eat like an animal, so now I am diabetic and my pressure is higher let me just shoot myself. But at least I am older, I feel terrible I read a 22 yr old woman has this. I really need to lose weight but that is a futile effort since I am always so tired. do I have made changes in my diet.
can anyone recommend something to boost your immune system. thanks janet

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