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urine on toilet
nebraskalove posted:
In my dorm i have a communal shower/bathroom. I had to use the bathroom today( number 2) so I had to sit down. I placed toilet paper on top of the seat including the spot on the front where most dont sit on with a little bit of pee. I didn't see pee nowhere else but once i was finish using the bathroom I sat up and saw a wet spot on the right piece of toilet paper I don't know if it was from me or pee that I didn't see before when I was placing toilet paper down. Now my anxiety flared up and I believe I contracted Hepatitis and I'm going to die. I'm going to check to see if my thigh has any open cuts but its hard since I'm brown and have stretch marks. Am I being completely insane? or am I at risk for any hepatitis?
fossiem responded:
I doubt you are at risk. Hep C is very "hard" to get actually. To ease your nerves get tested as soon as you can. Some people live thirty years with no sypmtoms. Test yourself and go from there.
deniseward responded:
You need to remember that Hep C is strictly a blood born virus. However, I recommend everyone get tested. It is a simple blood test. Ask your doctor next time to do the test. If the doctor refuses, you can buy some very reliable home testing kits on line and considering the cost of treatment is about $15,000 - $20,000 per month without insurance, the cost of the test is well worth it! Good luck, enjoy college and just be aware of blood - yours and others!

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